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Living in denial:


Councillor Pasley, who has been involved in thwarting plans for a skate park at Kilkenny Fields & Portishead Lake Grounds since its conception really does need a reality check. When asked the question “Can I be reminded why it (skate park) can not go at Kilkenny Fields?” His response was unbelievable ..

Not only are local councillors detached from reality and respect for others within the community but the following was recorded at a town meeting when a resident from the Lake Grounds (who was also opposed to the skate park at the lake but happy for it to go at a site already discounted for environmental reasons))  was corrected on the misinformation he was relaying to the meeting. The level of rudeness highlights the difference between those who fairly campaigned for a skate park and some who objected to it… this discussion was about whether the Lake Grounds should (once more) be given priority over other parts of the town, this time regarding speed calming measures … and this man has the cheek to criticise this site for what we do??

This site has been accused of many things by this gentleman in public and we have a right to respond to his allegations and have done so. We will also correct any misinformation given by anyone who chooses to look at democracy as something that must work for them but not for anyone else..

Role of a co-opted councillor

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