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            The lies continued over the play equipment

         Now that the Lake Grounds has eventually been given the promised play equipment, it may seem irrelevant to some to still be discussing what was a contentious issue at the time.

              However, the saga of the play equipment also highlighted the duplicity and deceitful manner in which the very same Councilliars used the very same tactics to prevent the play equipment originally, as they had to prevent a skate park which had won full planning approval. Obviously coincidence that the dirty tricks brigade within he council waited until after that planning permission had expired before suddenly deciding that the play equipment would get landlords consent after all.  Of course to have given landlords consent for the play equipment at the time would have further raised the question of why it was not given for the skate park.

We try not to offend on this site but the term ‘scheming b*****ds’ was the only apt term to describe them.


       This is what appeared on our site at the time…. Very strange how one moment the lake grounds was ‘full’ and then  as if by magic there was room for the play equipment.  We, and the majority who made their opinions known on the skate park know for a fact that there was, and still is always room for both.  But what do we know, we aren’t supporting a ward councilliars personal agenda.

     Just a reminder of how the councilliars involved at the time they were so obsessed with preventing a skate park that other projects were delayed because of that obsession.  This is further evidence of the nepotism and  duplicitous behaviour our  shameful councilliars were guilty of in 2012…..   



        Now that the good old community spirited NSC decision makers at Weston Super Mare have decided that the children of Portishead are not to have new play equipment installed, it would be interesting to see if the ward councilliar for the area puts some meat onto the bones of the words he quoted regarding that equipment. Or in lay mans terms, does what he was elected to do and represent the peoples and equally the Town Councils support for the installation of that equipment

             The cynics amongst us who have followed the personally motivated underhand tactics employed in refusing to give landlords consent for the skate park, even though it had gained planning permission, may be wondering if the reason for refusing landlords consent for the play equipment was that by doing so they would no longer have the wafer thin lever left that they used to stop the skate park going ahead.

             Finance arrangements for this equipment were put in place by the Town Council who claim full support, even though Councillor Barry Walters this week stated in the local press, where he described parents of young people in the town as “another special interest group”, that, and I quote:


May I suggest that the Lake Grounds is now full and cannot accommodate the present proposals for: larger play equipment for teenagers; a big concrete bowl for skateboarding; a bandstand; an athletics track; a loss making ‘pay and display’ parking system and perhaps others lurking in the background.”


             Not heard the one about the running track before and the pay and display was an idea thrown up by the NSC, local people are generally opposed to it. But this statement seems to indicate that the Town Council he sits on does not fully support the play equipment, which is contrary to what they are telling residents, it’s no wonder people are questioning the personal agendas of these people.


             We would like to make it known to local people that Councillor David Pasley, the ward councillor for the Lake Grounds stated that:


"At a recent town council meeting it was agreed to erect a substantial new piece of play equipment to compliment the existing play equipment on the Lake Grounds. This equipment will be for the use of teenagers and older children.........the work will be started and be completed in 2010".


             At the time this comment was made, a comment that sounds very like a commitment to me, Councillor Pasley was still trying to prevent the building of a skate park at the Lake grounds site. I hope this comment was not made simply to try to prevent the skate park in that same area of the lake Grounds. It is now 2012, the finance is in place, the Town Council support the play equipment and the ward councillor backs it fully so why are they not being representatives for the people who elected them and fighting our corner at NSC and getting this equipment installed?  

             More to the point, North Somerset Council are currently offloading the running and control of play areas in Weston Super Mare to the town council to save money. As our own Town Council claim to support the provision of play equipment and the building of the skate park at the Lake grounds whilst at the same time being opposed to introducing pay and display meters in the area, why do they not offer to take over the running of the Lake Grounds from North Somerset Council and therefore become the landlords of the area. That would instantly eliminate the way the buck always gets passed around when our local councillors promise one thing at Town Council meetings, yet the minute they wear their District Council hats at NSC, they go back on their word and present a different viewpoint?  Simple solution to a simple problem.



























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