An informative site built through necessity, due to the appalling behaviour of local Councilliars supported by the restrictive censorship policies of the local press in the Portishead area who feel it is their duty to remove any factual statements of wrongdoings by local Councilliars


               “Life” …. But not as we know it

LIFE (but not as we know it)  is North Somerset Executives attempt to help increase the amount of recycling that gets carried out in the district.  Costing £250.000 a year to publish, this monthly vanity ragazine for a handful of politicians is both farcical and an obscene waste of money whilst cuts are being made across the board.  Councilliar Ashton cannot and has not justified why this monthly exercise in waste has not been subjected to the cuts. He cannot, without admitting it is a political publication to self congratulate and share information that is already widely available on both the council website and other publications.

     As Councilliar Ashton feels justified in arranging for this rubbish to be pushed through our doors we adopt the same policy as Deputy Leader Ap Rees once stated. He suggested that people who do not want excess packaging, (that went straight into the recycling when it got home) on their purchases at supermarkets should remove the wrapping and leave it at the stores. We recommend likewise. If you do not want to see your council taxes wasted on this ‘Life’ magazine then why not return it by the same principle to whoever is supplying it. In this case it is Mr Ashton and his Council. 

     Apologies to those who look upon the delivery of this rubbish to line their hamster cages, as seemed quite popular when a quick survey by the North Somerset Times found that most people thought it was a waste of money.


Latest on ‘LIFE’  …. But not as we know it


                   After being given 10 days to reduce the frequency of publication of the Vanity comic, Mr Ashton sent the following response to Kris Hopkins  (Minister for local Government). It is as ever riddled with what most would call old twaddle. We would love to know who actually responded to this ‘survey’ as we have yet to find a single person in North Somerset who took part.  After becoming aware of how Councilliar Pasley conducted his surveys to prevent youngsters having a skate park at Portishead Lake Grounds, it is almost guaranteed that any survey carried out was both selective and precisely targeted to get the result the Tory Council wanted to justify continuing to waste money on a vanity comic.


** As of 2015, completely unannounced and kept very quiet so as not to let people realise that Councilliar Ashton had to jump off his arrogant high horse and make a partial climb down to Central Governments commands, the magazine has now started to appear every 2 months instead of monthly.  So where was that boastful announcement the great council leader had saved half the costs to the tax payer?  There wasn’t one because he hasn’t.

Not political Mr Ashton?  We would suggest that it was not only political but also used a s a personal tool for venting your frustration at the fact that sites like these dare to question the integrity, honesty and duplicitous nature of you and your colleagues on the council. An d please don’t ever forget that infamous quote from Cllr Baker :


“If you want favours from councillors, do not write to papers!”


Does this include the ‘LIFE’ comic as the letters allegedly written to that publication are a politicians dream, no criticism, outright praise and oddly a colleague who once worked for the publication seemed to think some of the contrived letters came from fabricated sources.