An informative site built through necessity, due to the appalling behaviour of local Councilliars supported by the restrictive censorship policies of the local press in the Portishead area who feel it is their duty to remove any factual statements of wrongdoings by local Councilliars


                       Changing colours and loyalties….

If there is one thing that sums up the nature of the Councilliar who is standing for any reason other than  to truly represent local interest, it is the manner in which some can change their loyalties to their own party (or non party) at the drop of a hat. This has usually been preceded by previous attempts when they could not get elected on merit, but sometimes it is a political ploy to get another faithful puppy dog on board the gravy train.


Councilliars Knight and Jolley are prime examples of the colour change phenomenon.


             Take Councilliar David Jolley.   Prior to becoming a Councillar, he orchestrated , with Councilliar Pasly, the campaign to remove the traffic lights at Cabstand. These were the traffic lights that Councilliar Pasleys council had already squandered valuable S106 money (£800,000) on, ignoring any local advice on the matter as always.

        On the back of the campaign Mr Jolley became a local Councilliar standing as an Independent.  Now your average man in the street voter when seeing the handle ‘Independent’ takes it as being just that, an independent individual detached from the dirty deed underhand party principles of putting party before people.

        The problem with Independents in North Somerset is that they get swamped and bullied out of credible input into council matters by the bullyboys of the blue rosette wearing lowlifes who are both self serving and, more worryingly, obsessed by their allegiance to the Tory party and their Tory colleagues.  There have been several decent community spirited councillors who have felt they cannot achieve anything within such a closed shop form of politics and have chosen to leave the political arena because of it. A great loss to democracy in our opinion.


         However, within a few short years of becoming a Councilliar Mr Jolley suddenly realised that he wasn’t an Independent after all but a Conservative like his friend Mr Pasley. There was also that knowledge that Conservatives will always get elected in these parts and being an Independent only works when you have a cause to fight for local people. The traffic light caper was no longer a feasible option to retain support and Conservatism was the only way to hang on to the seat on the council. Cynical, maybe, there for all to see if you only choose to look.

      So Councilliar Jolley, man of the people suddenly becomes Councilliar Jolley, man of following the party line. Within  a few years of changing colour and aborting the Independent tag, Councilliar Jolley became the highest expenses/allowances benefits claimant within the whole of North Somerset Council. He then decided to leave Portishead to live in Sand Bay, Weston Super Mare. Obviously he felt he could represent the town better by not actually living amongst the people who had elected him.  How that works is beyond us, after all the traffic lights had gone, so commuting from his nice home tucked away in Woodland Road far from the increasing activity that has changed the town wouldn’t have affected him.  Who knows the logic behind any of the man’s actions, not us. We like councillors who want to live amongst those who voted for them in the town that they chose to represent. Party politics plays by different rules.

          These are all of course the effects of changing colours, or possibly he may always have been Conservative and simply saw the prospects of getting more votes as Independent because it was such a cross section of local people who were opposed to the traffic light situation.

          Two prime examples of Councilliars ‘out of touch with the community’ shone brightly recently.  The first was at a meeting to discuss putting a skate park on the last remaining piece of greenery on the side of the Marina.  Councilliar Jolley stated that he was well aware of the problems in the area because ‘his mother used to live in the Mirage  building’.  He then went on to fumble some drivel about how people were affected by the health centre(?) and other amenities in the area. What?  His finger is so on the pulse that he doesn’t realise how far from the Marina and the Mirage building the proposed skate park would be?

        No, I think what sums it up for us is his remark at a recent PACT meeting when he said he had only come along to hear ‘the moans’ from residents and as there were no residents present moaning he obviously assumed there was nothing to ‘moan’ about.  At this point we would like to point out to Councilliar Colour Change Jolley that residents who do attend these meetings do not go there to ‘moan’, they go there because they have concerns that they feel need addressing.  Just a little memory jog here, that is what you are supposed to be doing as a ‘representative’ of these people or do your responsibilities reduce as your allowances increase?




             Another classic colour changer has to be Councilliar Reyna Knight.  In 2006 Mrs Knight stood as an Independent, just as Mr Jolley had previously. Probably seemed a good idea as those residents with no faith in the integrity and honesty of party driven politicians will support an Independent just as they had Mr Jolley.  Ironically Mrs Knight failed abysmally in that election, losing to Councilliar Jolley who had now converted to Conservatism and proved the point that if you wear a blue rosette in Portishead you will inevitably get the purple rinse brigade to vote for you irrespective of your lack of loyalty to local people or the platform on which you were elected.

(she actually cam fourth out of four).

         By the time the next election came along Mrs Knight had seen the light and become a Conservative.  How anybody can put any trust in people who change their political beliefs just to ensure getting elected is cynical, disloyal and shows how getting the seat was more important than  having policies or the interest of the residents at the forefront of her mind. 

        Councilliar Reyna Knight was also one of those Councilliars who supported the skate park at the lake grounds pre-election but withdrew that support after her seat was safe again and the campaign of misinformation of which she has played a large part was fully underway.  Of course the Conservatives reward such acts of party loyalty and in 2013 Councilliar Knight was given one of the five newly created unnecessary posts of being an assistant to members of the six strong executive who ultimately push through the Tory agendas within North Somerset.  In 2014, it was decided to back date allowances to those five lucky winners of the loyalty game and £32,000 was hastily thrown into those fives bank accounts to help ease the pain of spending more time being loyal to party whilst disloyal to the electorate. Nice work if you are so lacking in integrity to do it.

      Still, it was Councilliar Knight who muttered those words  ‘that’s politics’ when asked why she supported the lies of another Councilliar rather than address them and put the record straight.  Is honesty and openness too much to ask these days or does financial reward and grand ideas of power always have to be the way?


      It will probably open peoples eyes a little more when we share how one of the above Councilliars personal vendetta against a resident who dared to point out the hypocrisy and dishonesty in the local press a number of years ago led them to use other people to try to cause aggravation for that resident. How that Councilliar got a neighbour of that resident to complain against him and how that Councilliar gave the name of that resident to another third party to maliciously accuse them of being involved in a illegal act which was proven to be untrue.

    Nasty bunch these people but unlike the local media we are not scared of the Tory bully boys and are quite happy to let people know of the true nature of what goes on in local politics. Watch this space.