An informative site built through necessity, due to the appalling behaviour of local Councilliars supported by the restrictive censorship policies of the local press in the Portishead area who feel it is their duty to remove any factual statements of wrongdoings by local Councilliars



Honesty and accountability may be dead in Portishead, fortunately satire and humour are not…..

Old saying: if you run with the pack you will probably get shot at...

We have decided to leave the video on this page until we can determine if any other form of decision making process is a part of democracy where Portishead Town Council and North Somerset Council are concerned. I’m sure current despots around the world envy the ‘Landlords Consent’ card that our council so freely pops down their sleeve when they disapprove of the results of democratic due process. What is the point of democratic process when it gets so frequently abused by those who claim to represent us?  What is the point of a free press when  it is influenced only by political whims and misguided loyalties?  ...and what is the point of websites like these, which are on the increase nationwide? Well, in all honesty, the more whistleblowers the better, the more of us who choose to expose the dirty underbelly of politicians, especially those who live amongst us, the better and unlike our politicians who have proven time and time again of their dishonesty, immorality, self interest and complete lack of integrity we want a society where we can trust those who claim to represent us rather than their own personal agendas and ambitions.

Over a year after this video was uploaded to youtube, a local resident was paid a visit by the Police. It appears that one individual, a close friend of a Councilliar had for some reason unknown to us identified himself as being one of the characters in the video. This offended him, why we do not quite understand as nobody is named in the video at all, not even that Hitler chap who probably would have been offended being linked to the quislings in our midst. So on the word of another Councilliar who provided a convenient name of a resident who she has had a personal grudge against since he pointed out her hypocrisy in the local press a few years ago, a complaint gets made to the Police?  Apparently the result of the encounter was that nothing illegal had been done, no crime committed and our advice to people is that when the truth gets a little hard to bear, make sure you vent your vengeful displeasure in the right direction. Sounds like quality Councilliar material to us.

Incidentally, the result of this strange occurrence led to a video that had been gathering dust and forgotten about for a year or more getting a huge increase in views. Odd that, seems maybe someone was after attention after all.

Portishead In Boom


The video that local councilliars wanted to waste our council taxes on to take legal action against whoever dared to point out their failings. This video was actually made by the councilliars themselves for without their duplicity, dishonesty, falsehoods and personal agendas there would never have been a need for it.

   People of Portishead were lied to. The council closed a school and scratched their heads ion disbelief when there was a shortage of school places. The council approved the building of more and more residential properties and failed to improve the infrastructure to cope with the increased traffic.

    The council wasted/threw away/burnt/squandered £800,000 Section 106 money on traffic lights that were completely useless to replace a roundabout system that had worked for years and even with the increase in traffic would have continued to work.

   Somebody shouted ‘it’s a Banksy’ and two councilliars in particular jump up and down to preserve it even though every normal person knew it was just another nice piece of artwork. The irony being those very same councilliars were at the same time complaining about graffiti in the town and were now giving out the message that graffiti is okay depending on who the council think did it.

     Old peoples flats (sorry, apartments, we’re upmarket these days)? More and more old peoples accommodation had and still is engulfing the town with little or no consideration for the young local people who can no longer afford to get onto the property ladder. Nothing against old folk, they are some of our favourite and most interesting people and friends but there has to be a limit or soon the healthcare system will be gridlocked just as the roads are.  ** actually, based on the track record of the out of touch old folk running the council and persistently putting themselves first we will make an exception to that comment.

   Yep, surprise, surprise  kids discover alcohol, kids run off the rails at times, kids experiment in all manner of things and yes some older residents do forget that they were kids once too. But why young people should trigger the intolerance of a small minority amongst us who resent their every action still baffles.

    This was a song about the idiots in national and local government who decided that because one kid in a nation of 65million people had an accident involving a headstone in a churchyard, they would adopt a policy of stress testing every headstone in the country. North Somerset Council of course, keen to waste more of our council tax, lapped it up and thought desecrating graves was a great idea.  The song then became more of a focus on how totally useless a council made up of out of touch interfering fossils living in the dark ages could screw up what is a wonderful place to live. One of the idiots said the song criticised the town as being a grave. Let me help elaborate, even though the intelligent among us got it first time round:  a grave is an empty hole in the ground, there is no life, there is no soul and no matter how many bunches of flowers you place on that grave it will always be devoid of life unless whoever lays there is restored to life.  Portishead will become such a lifeless place  if the people who have the power continue to drain it off its resources whilst filling their own pockets with money that should be spent on the town, if they continue to thwart plans for simple amenities (like skate parks) just because  they do not want it on their doorstep. It doesn’t matter how many flowers you spread around the town but if they are only window dressing for a greater void that lays beneath then ‘what’s the point in putting flowers on a grave’.

      Fortunately, young people are more resilient than the duplicitous councilliars and combat the councils indifference to youth and with the opening recently of social venues targeted at the 18 plus age group they are more than well catered for. But what about the teenagers, the group that get most criticised for doing exactly what we did when we were their age. They aren’t aliens or career criminals, they are tomorrows adults, parents, voters. Is it too much to ask that the blinkered self serving councilliars gave them some respect. The skate park at the Lake Grounds WAS denied because of a personal agenda by a councilliar supported by a political interference. It is the one honest fact about the whole deceitful scenario. That deceit and political games is still going on which is exactly why the flowers in this town are a distraction to keep your mind off the dirty and despicable games a few councilliars are playing.

For those who fail to possess the relevant qualities to appreciate that we are all entitled to  share our concerns in a manner we see fit to get the message across, these videos come under the heading satire (look it up). As with everything on this website, if anybody feels offended by the content then please contact us with a justifiable reason and it will be removed. Justifiable reasons do not include:  “because it portrays me as a liar”  when we have documented evidence that you are.  “It was in the best interest of the town” when it clearly wasn’t.  “the voices in my head made me do it.” …. That wouldn’t get the material removed but it would explain a lot.



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