An informative site built through necessity, due to the appalling behaviour of local Councilliars supported by the restrictive censorship policies of the local press in the Portishead area who feel it is their duty to remove any factual statements of wrongdoings by local Councilliars

Councilliars   the problem with telling a little lie  is that you have to keep telling bigger ones to cover up the first…..

       Whilst we collate choice examples of our local liars, we will 
just leave this little reminder of what a lie is for those who seem to have forgotten….
Maybe it’s the education system at fault (must teach something different 
at Clifton College than good old Gordano) but the definition of a lie as 
far as we recall was… and hopefully still is….
A FALSE statement made with deliberate intent to deceive, 
an intentional untruth, a falsehood
something intended or serving to convey a false impression, imposture
 an inaccurate statement
 It appears that some of our local Conservative public servants 
have failed to comprehend the meanings of the word. 
We will try to find the time to compile the lies of Councilliars 
and then compare them to the reality so you can make up 
your own mind.  We will also be giving examples of how 
some of these people are still misinforming residents by 
continuing to relay lies. Although in all fairness, Councilliar Knight 
does have that wondrously supportive excuse for carrying on the lie. 
She heard another Councilliar say it who had heard another Councilliar 
say it therefore it must be true. What happened to finding the 
documented proof that such things are true before declaring them 
gospel and still playing the deceitful charade that will forever hang 
over local politics as a period of shamefulness.
Watch this space,  we didn’t start the fire
If they lied so hard about a skate park
what other more important matters have they
deliberately lied about to
push their own personal agendas?