An informative site built through necessity, due to the appalling behaviour of local Councilliars supported by the restrictive censorship policies of the local press in the Portishead area who feel it is their duty to remove any factual statements of wrongdoings by local Councilliars


Police & Councilliars


       Does the hint of power and control really affect the manner in which our councilliars feel that Avon & Somerset Police are nothing more than a politicised arm of the council that can be utilised and persuaded to  operate on their behalf when councilliars see fit?  Now forgive us if we are wrong but a more than acceptable percentage of our council have been proven to be outright liars in their pursuit to control the outcome of matters that they personally feel they should push through regardless of public interest.  Actually whilst talking in percentages there are more liars per head of councilliars than there are criminals in the communities they ‘represent’.  A good friend of ours once stated that he trusted a local heroin addict more than his local councilliar because at least he could understand the blindness of addiction that explained why the addict stole from his own, the reasoning behind why councilliars are constantly finding new excuses to dip into council taxes for personal gain holds no justification whatsoever.  Obviously the addiction is similar.


              The Police have, and always were meant to be, free from political interference or influence. However, it is our opinion that nobody has explained to the arrogant local councilliars that the Police are not their personal hand puppets, there to jump to their every whim. We are quite sure (actually, we are 100% certain) that the last thing the Police need is to have some power obsessed councilliar barking orders and expecting immediate action because  a stray dog has decided to leave a deposit on a councillars lawn.  On the last version of this site, we actually gave details of how many times the Police responded to calls to Beach Hill. Beach Hill, that infamous stretch of road about 100 meters long that is seldom used in comparison to other roads and yet was resurfaced immediately, and in some months had more calls to the Police than more notorious roads in the town. It was obviously coincidence that this road was resurfaced ahead of more important roads and it is obviously coincidence that the Police tend to go there should a resident phone with a complaint. It seems that residents of that area and the nearby Lake Grounds are fairly quick to pick up the phone every time the wind blows the wrong way. Of course the biggest coincidence is that Councilliar Pasley lives in that particular road.  It would be interesting to get access to Police records to see where so many calls were generated from and what the sudden influx last year of ‘anti-social’ behaviour actually was…...  we do recall several years ago when Councilliar Pasley called the Police to deal with some youngsters in the area and then complained about the Police not doing their job properly and using inappropriate language. Maybe they just wouldn’t jump on command, who knows?

         That leads us to which councilliars complained to the Police about the video that seems to have upset their tender little souls. Now if any of us complained to the Police that we were crying into our cocoa because somebody had called us a name or referred to us in a derogatory fashion (racist, homophobic, ageist, sexist etc comments aside) would they then waste a Police Officers valuable time to make a house visit to follow up the complaint? I very much doubt it.  Those are the moments you just start to wonder if the Police give more credence to the words of people who are proven liars (yes, councilliars we can prove in detail the times and frequency of your lies) than they do to the public in general. If this were to be the case then society really is racing downhill rapidly.

        Which then brings us to Councilliar MuckMurray (no apologies for any misspelling, we say it as it sounds and did used to read the Post a lot which has never been too accurate at the best of times when reporting on councillars).

    Now Mr Muck Murray seems to think that he is qualified to give the Police advice  and show them direction when dealing with current issues in the town.

       In a recent email to Sergeant O’Reilly, apart from the predictability of him trying to give councillors the credit for a recent letter sent to the Police Commissioner Mrs Mountstevens, he also feels he is qualified to advice the Sergeant on what actions to take. Now forgive us but we are pretty certain that Sergeants don’t become such by not being capable of performing a very difficult and complex job unlike Councilliars who probably should be given some form of training before being allowed to make decisions on matters that are way beyond them.

     Anyway read the email at your leisure. A few points:


        Nice to see that Mr MuckMurray  feels that “ Cllrs were right to ask the clerk to formulise a request for action/activity from the Police”.   Oops, a little porkie there, it was residents that asked for this letter to be sent.  If councillors had been so aware of the “disquiet” about speeding and anti social behaviour prior to the PTC AGM, then why on earth have they been doing nothing about it other than constantly pander to the wishes of Lake Road Residents wanting speed humps installed?

    Sadly but predictably the rest of the email seems to be our councilliar giving the Sergeant advice on how to do his job……….   incidentally, not sure if Mr MuckMurray went to the Bristol Post School for incompetent journalists but he really should use his spellchecker more….. Sorry, just a personal comment as we always get picked up on it.


           It is also always interesting to see who gets copied into these emails. But it always seems to be the case that they get shared with Cllrs Knight & Pasley even though the other District Councillors from Portishead don’t get shared the information.  Fortunately we can help share the info for them.