An informative site built through necessity, due to the appalling behaviour of local Councilliars supported by the restrictive censorship policies of the local press in the Portishead area who feel it is their duty to remove any factual statements of wrongdoings by local Councilliars


The Freedom of Information Act


The Freedom of Information Act gives you the right to ask any public body for all the information they have on any subject you choose. Unless there’s a good reason, the organisation must provide the information within 20 working days. You can also ask for all the personal information they hold on you.


             It seems very aptly timed that after many FOI requests were made to NSC to uncover the truth behind the political scheming that went on to prevent Cllr Pasley from having a skate park in the vicinity of his house, Councilliars are now having meetings, described as a ‘chat over coffee’ to discuss matters. We’re pretty certain that is how most decisions are made, but the worrying aspect is that minutes of these ‘meetings’ are never logged as they would be at official meetings and therefore what is discussed is not accessible via the FOI act. Wonder what they’re scheming now? What happened to openness and transparency in local government?

             What is more disconcerting is Cllr Pasley attended such a ‘meeting’ to discuss potential sites for a skate park yet again even though there was an official Wheels Project working party created for that purpose of which he was not a member. He had already passed misleading statements to the press regarding Gordano School as a potential site and had secretive meetings with a developer the details of which will also never be available via the FOI act. Why?

      We recently learned that the method of developers giving S106 money for projects within the town has never ever included any payments from said developers to fund a skate park at Gordano school or elsewhere. So who was this mystery developer and where was the money coming from?  Or perhaps thes revelations by Mr Pasley were conveniently timed to coincide with the planning permission being granted for the skate park at the Lake Grounds and hoping to give the impression that there actually were more sites available and finance to cover the costs.

             What a shame and a disgrace that these councilliars didn't put as much effort into challenging NSC on its decision to deny landlords consent, a decision that was flawed, based on lies and deceit and was everything that democracy was never meant to represent.


             Thanks to FOI we now have information regarding the arrogant stance of Councillor McMurray and the condescending manner he has adopted at Town Council meetings and we will be publishing it in due course just to further highlight how deep the rot has set in.